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Have a look at our professional portfolio, we provide full photography & videography services, including design & printing solutions.

Photography Services

We provide all sort of photography services.

Videography Services

We provide all sort of video making services.

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All sort of personal or c-commerce business website solutions.

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We provide E-Marketing Services.

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All sort of design solutions are available.

Professional Portfolio

Portrait Portfolio

Portrait photography is a specialized field of photography, one can not master it 100%, but each photographer can develop a unique style of his own.


Landscape Portfolio

 Landscape is one of my favorite subject of photography, no matter how far I need to travel or how many hours I have to stay out, I love to capture the beautiful scenery from different parts of the world.

Architecture Portfolio

Every civilization left it’s own foot prints through it’s unique architecture, you can learn a lot about their culture & history by exploring their famous architecture structures. 

Corporate Portfolio

Every professional need a corporate portfolio, which can represent truly represent your personaility, in today commercial world, our professional portfolio is must, no matter which field you belong, your online presence is equally important.

Events Portfolio

These days your social media presense is very important factor for the success of every busines. It’s important to share your activities through the use of various social media, therefore, at fotonstyle we provide complete video/photo coverage for all indoor & outdoor events.

Wedding Portfolio

Wedding is the most important event of your life, with the advancement of technowlodgy, photography & videography is becomes the key factor of marriage event, you can’t compromise on the quality of images or footage, therefore, you can trust our services, as we have the best exprienced team of photographers & videographers. 

Travel Portfolio

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is the most beautiful & famous tourist destination, I only stayed for four days in Budapest and fall in love with the beauty and calmness of the city.


Prague, Czech Republic

Tourist most favorite destination in the world, Prague is city with old & modern architecture, to me it’s the most romantic destination, the weather, the architecture & people, everything was wonderful, once you are there, you never wish to return.

Rome, Italy

Rome is the most bussy tourist destination, it is full of historic cultural & art references, centuries old buildings & infrastruce still amaze the generation to come.
A must tourist destination, especially the one who love architecture photography.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is famous for its unique Art & Archtitecture, especially the amazing Sagrada Família church and other modernist landmarks designed by Antoni Gaudí, you will find people from all around the world, City has both new & old architecture street views, which represent the coexistence of traditional & modern cultures.

London, UK

London the most influancial capital of the world, decision which made here effects the rest of the world, it is not an historic reference for many civilization but also an inspiration for advancement of latest Tech, the city has flavors both from centuries old architecture & latest sky high buildings.


Kuwait is the most oil rich nation in the world, although it don’t have a lot of historic manoments, but with the passage of time, it is building it’s own recogniation in the region & also in the world.
Kuwait has its own unique culture & traditions, the life is calm, but also vibrant, adopting new tech & advancing with a steady pase.

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Client Testimonials

“We have awarded our contract for the design & development of Embassy website since 2012, we gladly recommend for any design & development work related to website designing & development, also for coverage of any diplomatic functions, fotonstyle covered our last SADC Cultural Week in Kuwait & quality of their work was outstanding.”

Mr. Modisaotsile Mabutho

Ex-Counsellor , Embassy of Republic of Botswana - Kuwait

“We had awarded our contract for the redesigning of Embassy website to fotonstyle & we are really happy to see the outcome, the design work was amazing & the best thing is service after sales, fotonstyle staff is always available to assist us, apart from website development we also recommend for the printing jobs, as quality of their work is amazing.”

Mr. Alison Edson Liwanda

Deputy Ambassador, The Embassy of Republic of Malawi - Kuwait

“Mr. Mirza had covered many functions of the school, including photography & videography, parent loves his photography skills & I am gladly recommend to hire his services for any photography/videography professional services, he been part of our team for more then 9 years & we wish him all the best.”

Mr. Willams

The Principal, International British School, Fahaheel.

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